Thursday, October 9, 2008

Winery Profile: Kaesler

Last week I had the great privilege of meeting Reid Bosward, the winemaker for Kaesler wines in Australia. Tasting with the person that actually makes the wine always seems to be special. Reid was no exception. We tasted through a handful of wines and these two ended up being my favorites.

2006 Kaesler Semillon $17.99/bottle
It's always fun to find something different, especially in whites. Semillon is a lesser known grape normally found in France. This wine is the answer to people that think that whites can't be aged. It has a lovely pear nose with an almost nectarine finish. The Kaesler semillon would be great for anyone bored with Chardonnay, but looking for something that's still full-bodied.

2006 Nashwauk Cabernet Sauvignon $28.99/bottle
Nashwauk is a new line from a recent vineyard acquistion from the McLaren Vale. Nashwauk comes from the name of a ship that sunk near the vineyard site in the 1800's. This is honestly one of the better cabs I've had in awhile. This wine is full bodied with bright fruit, but very restrained and light on the tannins. This is a wine asking to be consumed immediately!

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